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Want To Be A Self-Made Millionaire? If These 2 Kids Can Do It, Why Can’t Your Kid Do It?

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Have you ever met a kid that was a self-made millionaire? If so have you ever met 2? If not here’s your chance to not only meet them but also find out the qualities that they have in common so you can condition those qualities in your kid. These kids were partially the inspiration behind my book Big Dreams’ Think And Grow Rich For Kids. A kid version of one of the best selling books on success of all time by Napoleon Hill. I think all parents are obligated to give their children resources to give them the headstart in life that they deserve. So, are you ready to meet them? Here they are.

1. Moziah Bridges
Company: Mo’s Bows
Moziah with the help of his mother (She helped with the business tasks) and grandmother (showed Mo how to make bowties and also helped) helped him start his bow tie company when he was only 9 years old. He eventually was accepted to appear on an episode of Shark Tank, when the company was making upwards of $50,000. One of the Sharks named Daymond John decided to not invest but to become Mo’s mentor. Afterwards, Mo quickly acquired the knowledge with Daymond John’s help to grow the company and become a millionaire.

What kids should get out of this story:
A. You can’t do it by yourself
B. Money is not always the answer. Sometimes it’s knowledge.

2. Christian Owens
Company: Mac Bundle Box, Branchr
Christian got his first computer when he was 7 years old. When he was 10 he got his first Mac and figured out how to design websites. At the age of 14 in 2008, he started his first online company Mac Bundle Box. The website sold a package of Mac OS X applications for a discounted price for a limited time. The bundle would normally have deals like $400 worth of software for $49.95. He would also add bonuses too the offers for his customers to reward them for referrals. A percentage of the sales would also be donated to charity. And before he could turn 16 he made $1,000,000. Christian’s next venture named Branchr (A pay-per-click advertising company) made $800,000 in it’s first year.

What kids should get out of this story:
1. You can’t do it by yourself.
2. Money is not always the answer. Sometimes it’s knowledge.

There you have. If they can do it so can your kid. Check back soon because I will profile 2 more kids to help inspire your young ones.

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